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Supporting The Visionary

Mavros Ventures

We support visionary entrepreneurs through an engaged ecosystem, strategic relationships, and proprietary insights from idea originations through IPO.


Entrepreneurs Backing Entrepreneurs 

Mavros Growth partners with ambitious visionaries to build and grow enduring businesses channeling capital, talent, and ideas to initiatives that advance society. We look to be the first investor and an early backer of some of the most innovative companies in the world. Our success is premised on a proven approach and perspective. 


Mavros Ventures

Focus Areas

Enterprise Technology

Backing leaders in the enterprise technology ecosystem that are early to important secular trends in software.

Cyber Monitoring

Shift To The Cloud


Digitizing Retail


Working with companies that are well positioned to benefit from the generational driven shift in consumer preferences as well as the ongoing digitization of goods and services.

New Forms Of Leisure

Vertical Aggregators

Mission Driven Brands

Digitization Of Consumer Services

Financial Technology

Partnering with visionaries capitalizing on technology innovation, demographic shifts, and regulatory reform in financial services.

Digitization Of Products

Transformation Of Finance

Embedded Payments

Consumer Financial Services


Supporting innovation in healthcare with by understanding disruptive technologies, changing demographics, a dynamic regulatory environment, and shifting consumer preferences. 

Consumerization Of Healthcare

Tech Enabled Delivery Methods

Data Driven Outcomes

Bridging Therapeutic Gaps Globally



We look for opportunities to reshape industries and create new ones.

AI/ML Platforms

Healthcare IT

Life Sciences 

Insurance Tech

Consumer Products

Cloud & Infrastructure

Application Software

Commercial Banking

Healthcare Services

Digital Services


Medical Products

Banking Infrastructure


Consumer Software

9800 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

(424) 324-2631

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