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Each of us has benefitted from someone taking a chance on us, and we aim to create an environment that cultivates your professional development and personal growth, doing everything we can to make sure you're fulfilled, challenged and inspired. Our people are our most valuable asset, as they represent some of the brightest minds in the industry who believe challenges represent opportunities. Together with the firm’s entrepreneurial spirit, flat organization, their unique passions and backgrounds contribute to a diverse, creative and vibrant environment.

Benefits & Wellness

Hybrid Model

Mavros has a hybrid work model approach with ongoing flexibility organized by the executive group. This model is designed to optimize in-person collaboration and mentorship while providing flexibility

Mavros Cares

Mavros Cares is a personal concierge service designed to assist you with tasks at home and at the office. From household services, like home repairs and finding a pet sitter, to planning personal events or team building activities 

Recharge Days

When possible, we provide additional days for employees to recharge and refocus. Employees are encouraged to take time to focus on themselves, family and friends, especially after periods of intense work


Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision plans to support you and your families, including access to valuable Health Savings Accounts

Family Support

Flexible scheduling allowing you to balance your work and family time, including parental leave, providing you valuable time away to spend with those who matter most


Employees are offered discounted rates at gyms or fitness studios. We also offer a library of guided meditations and mindfulness practices on a variety of topics (including stress, self-esteem, relationships, sleep, resilience), giving employees the ability to get in great mental shape.

Our founding management team has sat, and continues to sit in the private advisor seat. We are on the ground level every day right next to our colleagues solving sophisticated and complex client issues. This allows an alignment and a unique understanding of the required support, technology and resources needed to effectively service your clients. As a modern Multi-Family Office, our service model, robust resources and leadership can offer you unique opportunities to grow your practice. We welcome the opportunity to share your commitment to excellence and are dedicated to helping you achieve your professional aspirations. 

Working Together

Private Advisors

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The Mavros Private Wealth Advisor Associate (PWAA) Program prepares aspiring advisors to become elite through intensive training and education. Our process is slightly different than our competitors, however. Most firms provide a phone book and a handshake with the occasional "good luck". Not only does is this a recipe for failure professionally, more importantly clients around the world are effected, and that's unacceptable. Our curriculum provides the tools, techniques, knowledge and resources needed to create strategies and build a successful client base. At the conclusion, you are prepared to apply your knowledge and private wealth talents to serve clients at the highest level.

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It takes more than great investment professionals to make a leading investment firm. It takes an administrative staff that shares the  commitment to quality and excellence. Many of our support staff members routinely work directly with clients, helping Mavros sustain a preeminent position among the world’s investment firms. Our collaborative environment and opportunity for growth provide you with an unparalleled opportunity to develop both professionally and personally.

Black Shoe Fellowship 

The Mavros Black Shoe Fellowship is a 9 to 10 week summer program where we introduce our "Mavros System" to some of the countries brightest and ambitious undergraduate students. From its introduction, our model was designed to produce investment professionals with breadth, sophistication and a deep working knowledge of a wide variety of practice areas.

1. You will learn about the Mavros culture, as well as the benefits and responsibilities of being a member of the firm.


2. You will receive training designed to help you succeed in the following practices:

  • Family Office

  • Accounting

  • Business Management

  • Private Wealth Management

  • Tax

  • Asset Management

  • Investment Banking

  • Private Equity

  • Venture Capital

  • Real Estate

3. You will have the opportunity to work on live scenarios alongside fellow interns and our management team.

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DEI is not a phase for us, it's imperative. We don't view diversity and inclusion as a PR campaign or a box to check, equal opportunity is a point of emphasis as we continue to build our firms culture and community. We understand that diverse teams ask better questions and inclusive teams find better answers. We seek to create a community where we continually exchange best in class insights, embrace different perspectives and challenge the status quo. A diverse and inclusive community makes us better partners and ultimately, helps us to build a leading platform for families, advisors, and investors.

Mavros Impact is the Mavros philanthropy arm aimed to provide a platform of collective wisdom where we unlock philanthropic capital and guide it to causes with models that can have an outsized, measurable impact in addressing social causes. We deploy financial and human resources in support of leading programs that bridge opportunity gaps supporting more Black, Latinx and women students and professionals, specifically in finance. Our goal is to find, develop and hire diverse talent, provide internships, connections, networking, resources, mentorship, and capital to these underserved communities.

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9800 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

(424) 324-2631

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