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Differentiated Partnership

Mavros Client Experience

Providing Mavros clients with an elevated experience by joining a curated network of globally recognized innovators, visionaries, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and more.


The Mavros Network

Access to exclusive conferences, curated events and private performances, introducing you to the most fascinating and accomplished thought leaders around the world. Through these experiences, you'll join an environment of collective wisdom, where we help engage in peer to peer collaboration from philanthropy, family, wealth and entrepreneurship to wine tastings, forums and next generation gatherings.

Private Events

Intimate settings that allow you to explore subjects unique to your interests; including fireside chats with entrepreneurs, professional athletes, company founders to art discussions and wine tastings.

Next Generation

Next-generation and family focused events to help your children learn the important of family governance, family business or planning opportunities to promote harmony within the family through healthy and fun experiences.


Elite industry insights from domain experts in their respective fields ranging from industry trends and market outlooks to alternative investments, family business and real estate. 


Through our conferences, forums, and symposiums we provide an opportunity to engage with other like minded families to collaborate and dive deeper into topics relevant to you during these local and global events. 


Digital Experience

Discover an elevated web and mobile experience to monitor your accounts, manage your cash activities and engage with your dedicated Private Wealth Advisor team with the option to consolidate your entire net worth in one place.

Single Source Of Truth

View your entire net worth by adding accounts at other financial institutions, as well as other assets and liabilities.
Seamlessly monitor your accounts from a single summary page, which includes: 

  • Historical Value

  • Asset Allocation

  • Balances

  • Investments

  • Activity

  • Gains and Losses


Your personal and financial information is protected through a variety of industry-leading protocols, including:

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • Electronic authorization of transactions

  • Mobile device biometrics

  • Bring-your-own-identity authentication

  • Continuous threat monitoring and protections

  • Responsive security enhancements


  • Collaborate seamlessly with your Private Wealth Advisor team by sharing documents with each other

  • View the latest summary progress of your financial information with clear and intuitive access to details

  • Conveniently and easily access statements, confirmations, tax reports and other documents

  • Manage your cash activities through online bill pay, remote check deposit and fund transfer features

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(424) 324-2631

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