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A Partner For Growth

Mavros Private Equity

We partner with revolutionary risk takers where our financial and operational expertise can drive value creation through strategic and tactical initiatives.


Private Equity Group

Mavros Private Equity Group (MPEG) is focused on providing bespoke, innovative solutions to leading companies around the world. We leverage extensive sector knowledge and proprietary networks to gain superior access to deal flow  that allows us to uncover compelling investment opportunities and drive transformational growth at scale. Our flexible and vast platform enables us to add value throughout the lifecycle of an investment.



Mavros identifies undervalued businesses, aiming to enhance value through strategic and tactical initiatives, such as improving capital structures and operations. We also leverages extensive sector knowledge and proprietary networks to gain superior access to deal flow.

Purchase Price

Our value-orientation, has allowed us to allocate capital in attractive risk/reward opportunities 

Disciplined Due Dilligence

Our investment approach is based on a disciplined due diligence process that measures risk while identifying value. 

Building Stronger Businesses

Our Private Equity platform supports great businesses in their journey toward growth and scale. 

Transformative Impact

We strive to create value by investing in great businesses where our capital and strategic insight drive transformation.

OBM Framework

Mavros incorporates value creation strategies that enhance business efficiency, breadth, growth and scale. The foundation of our framework centers around (o)operations, the (b)business and (m)management team. We treat every situation with meticulousness and discipline ensuring that the strategies implemented are identified and quantified in due diligence and incorporated into a strategic plan. 

Operational Excellence


Capital Raising

Financial Analytics

Strategic Guidance


Talent Management

Innovation Strategy


Post Investment Value Add

01 Create Operational Efficiencies With An Emphasis On Growth And Margin Optimization

02 Invest To Accelerate Growth Within The Context Of An Agreed Upon Strategy

03 Enhance Management Capabilities With OBM Framework


Transaction Types

Corporate Carve-Outs

Acquisition of a standalone asset that once sat within a corporation

Platform Roll-Ups

Unlock synergies, drive multiple expansion and derive benefits from scale


Majority ownership in privately-held companies 


Target Size



$10M To $500M

Enterprise Value



Financial Services

As a multi-family office, we present a unique ability to provide strategic value to portfolio companies.

Real Estate

Our high conviction sectors today include Single-Family Rental, Data Centers, Multifamily Residential, Active Adult, Self-Storage, and Industrial.


We partner with businesses in sub-sectors including vehicles, building products, capital goods, chemicals, packaging, building products, transportation and logistics services.


We partner with healthcare providers, pharmaceutical products and services, diagnostics, payer services, medical products, healthcare technology, and digital health companies. 


We partner with companies that have differentiated brands, distinct market positions, and strong growth potential.

Food And Beverage

We focus on food & beverage companies  in the lower middle market that include ingredients, distribution, food and water testing, nutrition supplements and packaging.

9800 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

(424) 324-2631

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